Saturday, 22 July 2017

Finally A Good Eye Cream? // Botanic Hydrating Eye Serum

Hello darlings

When it comes to skincare i just have to try everything, aren't we all looking for that miracle product?  It was buy one get one free on Botanics products when i popped into boots a month or so ago, so how could i resist? I mean how could i turn down getting a product for free? I love the botanic range in boots, i always feel they do something good to my skin as its plant extracts. Its great to see products that aren't full of harsh chemicals. I picked up the Hydrating Eye Serum Triple Age Re-Wind and the Hydration Light Serum. I'm going to review them both in separate blog posts otherwise this will be a long post! I'm starting with the Eye Serum, so look out in the week or so for part two! 

This eye serum really appealed to me, Isaac is not sleeping at night and the bags under my eyes are insane!! I've never looked this tired before, he wakes up every two hours and then decides at 5 am he wants to start the day... Now i've tried a million and one eye creams in my short 22 years on this planet, i mean who doesn't want a wonder product?
I should first tell you little about my skin type first, i have dry/normal skin that is acne prone. I'm also 22 years old so i'm not the target audience for age rewind product but that doesn't mean i'm not obsessed with anti aging products, if i start now i can at least say when i'm 50 that i tried everything?  
Packaging: Its basic, the outer packaging very pretty,  i'm loving the purple as its one of my favourite colours. But (pic 3) the inside tube is very plain. You get 15ml which is standard for an eye cream. Its a pretty decent amount as you only need a little as your eye area is only small. Also a small amount goes a long way! 

Scent: The Botanic range of made from plants so it has a slight floral smell, i was worried would be overwhelming as i'm not a floral fan but this range has only a mild scent. But once on the skin it wasn't noticeable. 
Texture: Its more cream like than a serum. Only a small amount needed, spreads and blends into your skin beautifully. Its a pretty thin texture which is what makes it blends so well. 
Absorption time: I have found it absorbed into my skin really quickly, good if you're in a rush. But if you apply to much it does take a few more seconds to disappear into the skin. But saying that i do have dry skin so i find products tend to absorb quickly. I would love a opinion form a oily skinned girl/guy who has tried this?

Results: Now the important bit does it work? Its taken me using it for a good few weeks to see a real difference. My dark circles look a little less dark and puffy. And my frown lines are not as visible, so i'm really impressed. I rarely see results from eye creams, i normally just think they are a fad, but this time is not the case. 
Another great thing is it is affordable at only £11.99 and they don't test on animals! 

I'd love to know have you tried any products from the Boots Botanic range?

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Bargain Haul // First Impression

Hello darlings

Today is a bargain Tuesday post! While i was breastfeeding Isaac i was having a little nose at the Fragrance Direct website, ( i know naughtly!) i bought a few items from them last year and i was really impressed so i thought why not treat myself to a couple of things. I bought all these for £20! 'much cheapness' as my mother-in-law would say! Considering the Calvin Klein lipstick alone would be £20!
I'll start with eye products, i bought two L'Oreal powder eye shadows and one Bourjois crayon one. The two L'Oreal single shadows i've been wanting for ages, when i see these cheap websites that sell branded makeup you always expect them to have only the really bright or bold colours but no they had lots of nudes and bronzes. I got one in 'Coconut' (£1.99) which is is a brilliant pale matte base and one gorgeous copper gold in 'nude' (£1.50). The Bourjois crayon (£1.99) is a little more daring for me its purple, but i subtle purple that is very summery. I think it would be great for a softer smokey eye or just a hint of colour. 
I only bought one base item as i'm never sure with the colours, but i saw that they has Max Factors foundations (£4.51) and i'd never tried one. I was so happy when i saw they had the shade 'fair' available! An its matches me perfectly. I only tried it once yesterday. Its a sheer to medium coverage but great for the summer and for more natural looking days.  

Now lips, these were my gems! I bought both a Calvin Klein and a Elizabeth Arden lipstick! I choose the Calvin Klein (£4.99) in 'Undressed' which a creamy brownish- nude, the thing i love most is the packaging, its gorgeous, it has a matte lower half, it feels so luxurious. I've never tried anything from Elizabeth Arden, but i've heard so many good things about their skin care but n'd hear nothing good or bad about the makeup, so i saw this lipstick (£3.95) and i thought why not! i got it in the colour Cinnamon, which is a little more shimmery than i normally go for but once on the lips it doesn't show! 
L to R (Calvin Klein lipstick, Elizabeth Arden lipstick, L'Oreal infailible eye shadow, L'Oreal Colour Riche eye shadow, Bourgeois crayon eye shadow and Max Factor foundation)

I'd love to know have you tried any of these products?

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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Top Three Lipsticks // Drugstore (ish) //

Hello darlings..

Since i enjoyed writing my last top three i thought i'd continue with my 'top three' series, today would be lipsticks! Looking back at the pictures i realized how similar colours they are! I apologize for that, but i guess i do have a favourite shade. I find these rosy nudes suit my skin tone the best, the work for almost every look and every season. I have included a matte, satin and creme texture lipstick. 
Mac's 'Velvet Teddy': £16.50. I'm cheating with this lipstick, its not technically drugstore (i'm sorry) but it is one of my all time favoruites. Its the very famous 'Velvet Teddy', its a  a brownish nude tone, i've heard people describe it as pink toned but i don't think it has any pink in, it has quite warm undertones. It is a matte but i find it very creamy on the lips, but as the day goes on it turns matte on the lips. 

Rimmel' Kate '08': £5.49. This is a lovely nude brown, very 90's.  I love the smell of this one, it smells like vanilla, which is always good in my books! I haven't got many of the Kate Moss lipsticks but i love this one so much i will have to look out for some more! 
Max Factor 'Rosewood' £ 7.99. This is one of my favourite all round shades, its a beautiful brownish pink, its got a little purple to it too. Its quite a warm shade perfect for Winter as well a Summer. Its very moisturizing, very creamy, its definitely not a matte its more stain finish, It its very pigmented with no shimmer or patchiness to it. I think this would be a great first lipstick for someone. 

I'd love to know have you tried nay of these?
What are you top drugstore lipsticks?

My previous top three: 'top three concealers'


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Monday, 3 July 2017

Freedom Makeup Duo Brow Powder // Review

Hello darlings.

Eyebrows can make or break your makeup look, i've had thick brows, thin brows, light bows, dark brows, wonky brows, you name it! So i've always spend a little extra time on my them compared to the rest of my makeup. My favourite brow product is a pencil, i find i get a really precise shape with them and its easier to get it right. Currently i'm loving the Seventeen pencil. But then there is the argument that a pencil or pen can make them look less natural. However back in the day i did use a powder, my favouirte was the elf powder and gel duo in Medium. You may remember a month or two ago i did a little Freedom haul, i hadn't tried much from the brand so i thought as its budget friendly why not pick up a few bits (post) One of them was this brow powder, and i'm back to share my thoughts with you today!
The purpose of a powder brow product is to give your brows a more natural and softer look. Each Freedom compact comes with two shades, a light and a dark, which is great as you can blend the two together to great a natural look as most of us don't just have one shade of hair. The purpose it make your brows look nice, not have nice brow makeup which i think is much more of a compliment.
 Colour.... i picked the shade Taupe from the website which i thought would be the best match but sadly its far from a match for my brows, its way to warm. I did give it a good go tho, i tried mixing it with other brown eye shadows but i don't think its for me. But saying that i'm not gonna just throw it away i think its a great crease colour and base shade for eyes shadow. I spent money so i'm gonna make it work even if its not for my brows. 
The texture is not buttery but not powdery. A couple of dabs with a small angled brush gives you enough to do most of your brow. The pigment is pretty good but not too bold. I think if you want 'Instagram Brows' this is not the product for you. I go with a pencil or Pomade. The lasting power of great and it blends nicely on to the skin and through the hairs, creating a soft focus look. 
I tried to take pictures of the product on my brows but it didn't look great. They have 10 shades to choose from. I think if you can find your perfect shade then its a great bargain at only £4. Its currently on offer for £2! I love the packaging its so cute and compact and looks more expensive than it is. Sadly it just didn't work for me, but it will be used! 

You can purchase it here

I'd love to know have you tried this product?


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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Isaacs christening

Hello darlings

Today's post is just quick one, i thought i'd share with you Isaac's Christening. I can't believe he is 4 months old, i can remember being pregnant so clearly! We wanted to wait till Summer to have him christened so we could have a garden party afterwards for all our friends and family. I've put together a few on my favourite pictures to give you a little insight into the wonderful day, i hope you enjoy.

My dress: AX Paris
My shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Isaac gown: John Lewis


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